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With 6 more days to go, how is 2022 shaping up for you? A year ago, most of us reflected on a rough 2020 and 2021 hoping for a calmer 2022. So how did 2022 measure up for you? As I reflect on the past year, I realize this is different than my blog Mirror (4/20/22) which was to look inward and evaluate who it is in the mirror. As I reflect, 2022 was a monumental year for me. I walked the walk and am embarking on a Do Overfor 2023. Most of us talk-the-talk but few walk-the-walk. It’s much harder to walk-the-walk.

My Do Overs blog has been providing insights to create reflection throughout 2022. When I first started on this journey in 2010, I learned that it’s natural to only hear certain pieces of information based on where we are in our journey. Often resistance sets in, or the information does not penetrate because we are not ready for it. After an intensive six-month certification process with ongoing continuous learning, I was only able to absorb a limited amount of information at the beginning. My mind was closed to certain concepts, and I had to reach out to my community to hear how they processed the information. As I added 100s of hours of yoga I was able to slow down the noise in my mind which enabled me to process all the information.

As you go back to revisit and reflect on the wisdom offered in Parent Do Over weekly blogs, you will likely find that you read them differently. We started 2022 by looking at our Awareness of our surroundings. We then reflected on past Challenges and Zingers and learned how to face things that trigger us. We realized that we are both our Best/Worst Friend, and we need to be kinder to ourselves. We went Diving Through the Waveto lean in when we make a mistake as we all will. I found Little Me, and I have hugged her close since February. We looked at our emotional Swing to understand that we would not be able to conceptualize happiness without experiencing sadness and to honor all our emotions. Some of my clients mentioned that their friend groups were changing as they were shifting. This happens as discussed in Your Vibe Creates Your Tribe. We delved into the big philosophical question about society norms in Why? These got us to March 2022, so I am not going to go through the other blogs, but they are there for you to peruse again in your own time. I often watch webinars /re-read books several times and get more out of them on the repeat.

I recommend you keep a journal or make a 1 sentence note as you read the weekly blogs. This way we can talk about the promise of a new year and go back and reflect if you have shifted and broken past patterns. (Patterns – 11/27/22)

For parents: I want to welcome all the new members to our community. Some parents became grandparents and have expressed joys and challenges there as well. For those who have been following me all year, I hope you found you were able to show up for yourself in a new way, and for your family with a different mindset that was calmer and more accepting of life’s journey. (As-Isness – 4/3/22)

Without setting up expectation for 2023, I am excited to engage with many more of you now that I will be focusing on Do Overs full time. I have reached out to those who were waiting for your 1:1 coaching, and I am working on carving out time for group sessions based on your requests.

Live in the moment and enjoy the last 6 days in 2022. The biggest change in your life might still occur in 2022. Don’t lose one precious day!


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