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Welcome to Parent Do Overs

I help you connect with your children and yourself to live the life you deserve.

Coaching areas of expertise include:

Conscious Parenting


It’s never too late to reclaim, rebuild and restore your relationship with yourself and your children. For many parents, relationships with their children become more challenging as they age and become more independent.

For Parents:

Whether your children are 5 or 55 years, you can reset and reclaim your relationship with them. Most of us become parents not knowing what to do.  We instinctively parent as we were taught by our own parents. This is not always the best process, and we often only realize this once our children are grown and relationships are strained. It is for this reason we must give ourselves Parent Do Overs!

For Self:

Even if you are not a parent, we typically place the highest expectations on ourselves! Do Overs are needed to re-parent our own inner critic so that we can look inward with love, acceptance, and compassion.

Using the Parent Do Overs technique, Andi Kolodny will help you reset your relationships with yourself and your family. She will provide you with tools that can be used for managing daily challenges and being prepared for specific stressful situations. 

Click here  if you are interested in a complimentary meet & greet with Andi to learn more.

Questions to ask yourself to determine if Parent Do Overs method can help you:

  • Do you sometimes feel: a low sense of self-worth, angry, anxious, frustrated, stuck, helpless, lonely, scared?

  • Do you feel these emotions occur because of someone else or an outside situation?

  • Do you wish you had done something differently in your past?

  • Is your family dynamic changing where you feel overwhelmed/dismissed? Kids off to college/empty nester; weddings/co-mingling of families; grandparenting; divorce; family drama?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Parent Do Overs can help you! 

I look forward to taking this journey with you.



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