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Parent & Self Do Overs

Andi will guide you by using her “Do-Overs “method to break the traditional

cycle of negative parenting patterns that cause a rift in family relationships.

 When you work with Andi, you will learn self-awareness and equanimity.

These are the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your family on a daily basis.

Parent Do Overs

Connection & empowerment based, Natural consequences of action, Present moment, Circular (listen to child), Out of box/questions mainstream culture, Fix self and personal gaps to connect, Child is part of relationship and teacher

Self Do Overs

Self-regulation, Pause, Body is unique & beautiful, 

Self-Aware and calm
Inner focus on triggers
How can I improve my life today?

Do Overs in a Group Workshop

Coming soon….

Group discussions about Blog themes. Conscious readings book club

Friends and Family Welcome! 

Various sessions will accommodate global time zones

All sessions will be remote via zoom

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