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Testimonials: Testimonials

"After just a few conversations with Andi, I have a healthier perspective on the way I look at certain aspects of my life . Andi gave me tools unique to my situation which I use on a daily basis. I feel lucky to have her as my guide especially through difficult situations."

Linda - New York City

“Andi is a gem! She has a very unique way of helping people gain perspective on their issues, big or small, and with a beautiful warmth and caring attunement- she helps clients unlock their fears and overcome them in a supported way. And she has a wonderful sense of humor on top of that. Clients are lucky to have Andi in their lives.”

Reem - New Jersey

"Living in both Egypt and North Macedonia throughout the year, could make communication with a coach based in New York somewhat intimidating. Andi made me feel comfortable immediately! I met Andi to speak about conscious parenting, but ended up learning about myself and how to heal from within so I can now be the best parent to my children. Andi’s unique ability to connect with me and warmly embrace my culture, has made this experience such a joy."

Ofelia - Egypt

“Andi just gets it! She is so informative and clarifies so much for me.  I love speaking with her and am always inspired and energized after our sessions”

Carol - United Kingdom

"Andi has a way of drawing me in with her wisdom - so often woven into her own life experiences, her willingness to share what is real in her own life, and in sharing the true humanness of her own relationships.  What strikes me about Andi, is how she guides and teaches through authentic connection, by keeping it real and relating to others through deep honesty, humor and meeting you where you are at.  she did not teach from a pedestal. She beautifully balances speaking truth so that she can help one make real change, and yet, the compassion and connection is right at the forefront of her work."

Kelly S - USA

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