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Traditional vs Parent Do Overs

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Traditional vs Parent Do Overs

The comparison below shows examples of Traditional Parenting vs Parent Do Overs and Traditional Self vs Self Do Overs

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Traditional Parenting

  • Control & Fear

  • Rewards & Punishment

  • Past & Future focus

  • Hierarchical (parent knows best)

  • Mainstream Culture focus

  • Fix the child

  • Child is lesser-than

Parent Do Overs

  • Connection & empowerment based

  • Natural consequences of action

  • Present moment

  • Circular (listen to child)

  • Out of box/questions mainstream culture

  • Fix self and personal gaps to connect

  • Child is part of relationship and teacher

Traditional Self

  • Reactive in the moment

  • Poor body image

  • Explosive

  • Pain is caused by others

  • My life sucks

Self Do Overs

  • Self-regulation, Pause

  • Body is unique & beautiful

  • Self-Aware and calm

  • Inner focus on triggers

  • How can I improve my life today?

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