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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Parent Do Overs is based upon conscious living which relies on self care and connecting with your inner self. In order to be a conscious parent you must first identify with your conscious self.

How is coaching different from therapy?

  • Therapists work with clients who have a clinical mental health diagnosis that crosses into many areas of their lives. (depression, addiction etc.)

  • Coaches are ideal for those struggling in specific areas and who feel stuck. Coaches are goal oriented and provide tools to manage and overcome stressful situations and difficult interpersonal relationships. It is not unusual to work with a therapist and coach in unison.

What areas do you focus on?

  • Including but not limited to:

  • Self Do Overs; Self-compassion and growth

  • Parenting Do Overs

  • Co-mingling families through children’s’ marriages 

  • Successful grandparenting 

What makes you qualified?

  • Intensive training and coaching certification through Conscious Parenting Coach Method by Shefali Tsabary, PhD.

  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • 500+ hours of yoga, meditation, and wisdom training

  • 10+ years’ experience in the healthcare industry 

  • Navigating the joys and challenges of raising 4 children

What makes you different from other coaches?

  • I have been told that I bring a different perspective which simplifies complex problems making them seem much more manageable. 

  • I will create a unique toolbox for you to maintain control and peace in stressful situations.

Are there fees for sessions?

  • Yes, I spend a lot of time planning & preparing for your unique session in addition to the 45 minutes we will spend together each week. 

  • You will receive a venmo request from me after each session. 

  • We will have a 20-minute complimentary meet & greet before we begin.

  • *The peace & clarity you will gain is priceless*

How do the sessions work?

  • Weekly sessions are 45 minutes via Zoom or phone for ease of connection and COVID safety.

  • Additional emergent sessions in the same week will be available upon request. 

Do you accept everybody?

  • No, I will only work with you if I feel we can accomplish your goals together. 

  • Some clients will need to be referred to a specialist if the issue is not in my scope of practice. (If you’ve signed up for a package, the unused sessions will be fully refunded.)

I look forward to meeting you very soon! - Andi

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