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Noun: According to the Oxford languages, the definition of a Guru is a “spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation”. Buddahism; Hinduism

For me, initiation means a new experience whether it’s how we view something through a new lens, or an actual experience where we step out of our comfort zone. A Guru is someone or something that inspires me to change the way I think. As I walk the path of consciousness, I am learning that my biggest lessons are the ones where I need to take a Do Over!

Just last week I was in NYC Times Square heading to see a Broadway show. While squeezing through the crowd, I saw a Swami (a Hindu male religious teacher) in his burnt orange robe giving away bracelets for a donation. I wanted to learn more about his teachings so against my husband’s advice I decided to engage in conversation with him. He immediately put two bracelets on my wrist, saying “Peace, Love”. I responded “Peace, Love” and asked him where he studies? He kept repeating “Peace, Love” and added the word “donation”. Again, I asked him if he had information where he studies and under which Guru? I thought he would have a pamphlet for a self-realization center in NYC that would be fun to check out in the future with my yoga teacher who is always pulls me into new experiences. But he kept saying “Peace; Love; Donation”.

At this point I figured he did not speak English. I had no cash on me, and my husband had walked away from me. I tried to get him to come back with some cash, he shook his head and mouthed to me that I was on my own. I tried to return the bracelets telling the swami that I had no cash and would find him another night. He kept repeating the phrase so I assumed his English was limited and he was not understanding me. He then he pointed to his cell phone that he takes Venmo. So, to get away from him I quickly sent him a small donation and suddenly realized that he has a cell phone with Venmo, he was wearing Adidas sweatpants and Nike sneakers under his robe. Boy did I feel stupid! My husband was rightfully furious that he now had my Venmo information.

I spent this past week realizing that while trying to be so conscious, I became completely unconscious. But just this morning while digging deeper into why I felt the need to make the donation versus walking away. I realized that this “swami” was in fact my Guru because he taught me a big lesson which is causing me to dig deep and take a do over the next time. For this, I send him gratitude and I am being compassionate toward myself. I know my mother will say, “wow that was such an “Andi” move. We giggle about this, and I am not offended as I know she is right. While I am smart, I sometimes do very silly things. My logical father will be thinking, “what the heck were you thinking, why would you possibly have done that???” The truth is, I don’t’ know! There is obviously some insecurity in me that caused me to give the donation in that moment and I have no idea why I did it? I am digging deeper thanks to my Guru.

For parents:

We assume we are our children’s Gurus throughout their lives. This is far from the truth. Our children teach us more about ourselves than we could ever teach them. When we feel our children made a decision that was not in their best interest, we ask them exactly what I expect my father will say. “Why did you do that?” I have asked my children this question which I now see made them feel lesser-than and shamed. Today I am much more confident, and this won’t bother me as I agree that it was a thoughtless decision in the moment. The parent do-over method is to acknowledge it’s in the past, and to connect with your child to work on a do over for the next time. I love the saying, “The is only thing worse than making a mistake, is not learning from it.”

Our gurus come in all forms. The one who triggers you, is often your guru to help you face something you don’t want to dig into. A Guru does not have to be a good person in your life, it’s a person who causes you to shift. This does not mean you need to spend time with this person again.

Think about Guru as “G”… “U” “R” “U” (gee, you are you!). Your greatest Guru is inside of YOU!

NOTE: I will be traveling for the next few weeks and Parent Do Over blogs will return in August on a biweekly basis. It’s been an amazing 18 months of weekly blogs, but as my business is growing, I want to devote the same amount of passion into writing which has been challenging of late. I will be sending information about the Conscious Parenting TV segment coming next month to NSTV, The Parent Do Overs self-help book coming out before the end of the year, and I am also becoming certified as a yoga teacher and will be devoting time for private beginner sessions focused on those who have an interest in yoga but are not yet confident to join a class.

It’s very exciting when things grow organically especially when the seeds were planted with passion. For my current clients and anyone who wants to take a do over, I am still around for coaching sessions while traveling.


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תגובה אחת

03 ביולי 2023

I Love this and I love everything that you are up to!!! You are a Guru in my life 🧡

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