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Hi all,

If I am meeting you for the first time, welcome!

I am so excited to be here today in response to several requests for an interactive place for us to connect on an ongoing basis. This is something I should have started when I began this journey, but as I say, “It’s never too late to take a Do Over!” I will be posting on Sunday evenings.

So here I go …

I have often been told that I should become a life coach and do blog posts because of my positive attitude, resilience to setbacks, and my ability to maintain clarity and a calm mindset in stressful situations.

You will notice an ocean theme on my website. This is because the smell of salty air, the sound of waves, and sand between my toes instantly cause me to relax. Just thinking about the beach while writing this, I feel my shoulders softening.

Most of us sit on the beach happily chatting to friends or reading a book in a relaxed but unconscious manner which is completely fine. However, the next time you are lucky enough to be on a beach, take 15 minutes to pay very close attention to the sounds, smell, and feel of your surroundings. The waves ebb and flow in a methodical meditative pattern. Breathe with the sounds of the waves, in and out, in and out. Hear the seagulls above, listen to the children laughing in delight. See what happens when you pull in this experience in at a heightened state of awareness. After 15 minutes take a moment to scan the energy in your body. You will notice your mind was able to turn off for this little while and is completely relaxed. Now imagine how many other parts of your life you are experiencing blindly, and what might happen when you become more aware in each present moment.

Throughout my blog posts, there will be a weekly theme and references to real life so you can use it as a tool immediately.

I hope you enjoy them!

See you next Sunday.


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