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Happy 2023 all!

Who has already dropped their New Year resolution 8 days into the New Year? If you answered “ME”, you need a Do Over. Not to reset your goals but to take the conscious approach to changing your mindset. Your resolution goal is out there not to be attained BY YOU, but for you to attract it TO YOU.

During the last 3 months of 2022, my mindset changed. I was able to see that my efforts in growing parent do overs was bringing me opportunities that were there all along, but I was too “busy” to see them. My biggest opportunity was packaged in a very painful moment which caused me to finally pay attention to changing my energy. The other opportunity randomly arrived in my husband’s inbox which impacted me greatly.

I have noticed that what we put out into the world, comes back to us. Think of a boomerang taking your energy out there, attracting the same energy, and bringing it back to you. Since I’ve focused my energy on Parent Do Overs full time, so many leads have come my way through friends and random emails that I was blind to in the past. I am now awake to receive them and act upon them. I don’t believe the email that landed in my husband’s inbox was purely coincidental. Through my certification and Do Overs work, we were having ongoing discussions and sharing daily readings which I believe changed the energy coming our way.

Do you notice that when you are struggling and unhappy, something else negative happens? A common phrase I’ve used in this situation is “insult was added to injury” meaning, just as I was knocked down another challenge was layered on top. Often this is referred to as “Karma”. When I help someone else my karma changes, I feel the positive energy and I become immune to negative energy. This allows space for opportunities to come to me. Start paying attention to your boomerang and you will see it too. I have witnessed that those who can’t get out of the negative mindset, continue to attract negative energy year after year. I was stuck in this for several years until I did the work to break the cycle and suddenly opportunities started flowing in my direction, allowing me to shift my job and lifestyle.

For parents: We all tend to cling to negative things while the positive things that happen every day are taken for granted. Most children are unconscious to what they do have, this is a direct result of us being unconscious too. We take for granted a warm bed, a safe neighborhood, a school bus that (mostly) arrives on time and we can make a list of 100 things for which to be grateful. Spend time with your children discussing what we take for granted, what their day brought to them, and point out what went well. This will help them process that life has many more ups than downs. Talk about the boomerang and find ways for them to send their own good energy out into the world so their boomerang can bring it back to them. Random acts of kindness will return the boomerang loaded with positive energy. Perhaps there is a child in the school who needs help carrying their backpack or needs help with schoolwork. A random offer to help will change the energy for both recipient and giver. When the family comes together for a meal, talking about your boomerangs will be a great way to connect as a family which is a win in conscious parenting. This can begin at a young age, as with all our behaviors, it will be absorbed. Parenting is hard work. It’s important to stop and marvel the little miracles to offset the exhaustion and ever changing developmental stages.

If you feel stuck in a negative mindset, and your boomerang continues to return your negative energy, I can help you with a Do Over to create space for the abundance of positive energy that is waiting to be picked up.


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