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Last week I wrote about shedding my outer snakeskin. It’s amazing that in just one week I am in a completely different zone than I was while writing last week’s blog. I attribute that ability to morph out of my situation to all the mindful work I have done over the past few years. My blog last week struck a reaction with many readers. They either identified with my experience or they wanted to check up on me. While my blog was about my metamorphosis and growth, many fixated on the pain which is what we all do.

It’s interesting that last week I thought of my struggle as shedding snakeskin. Now when I reflect, I think of a butterfly coming out of its cocoon spreading its wings and flying in the sunshine. This is a Do over in my mindset. I am most proud in how I showed up for myself as an adult. I requested a meeting and was able to get closure on the situation. I also hired a coach which I have wanted to do for years but I kept putting it off. She helped me set a boundary; I have declined continuing to work on a project that would bring my coaching expertise to my place of employment for free. In the past, I would have accepted the disappointment and continued with resilience and grace convincing myself it was in my best interest. I also found that my blog last week provided a platform for others to feel safe to share their struggles without judgement. This is so important because we feel everyone else is living a Facebook life.

For parents: I remember when my children were younger, moms would always be so upbeat and positive regarding their children. Everything was always perfect. I loved it when the dads were around because moms would say how wonderfully things were going, and the dads would chime in by saying “what are you talking about? he/she hates school and camp!” Then that mom would shoot the evil eye to her husband. Women tend to judge each other rather than being supportive. Surround yourself with people who allow you to be your most authentic self especially when you are a young mom. It’s hard adjusting to a new baby. Everything changes in that one minute after your child arrives. You suddenly are a parent with no certification or training. Every child is vastly different, so it's silly to even compare siblings in the same household, let alone children from different families. Being a conscious parent means we find out who our child is at their core.

If you (or your child) are insecure in a situation, it means you are not around your authentic group and it’s time to take a Do over to change it.

When you love yourself enough to not care what others think of you, that is when things naturally fall into place.

If you are ready to fly like a butterfly but you feel stuck as a caterpillar, I am here to help you with your metamorphosis. It will be the best Do Over you have done for yourself. You are worthy and you deserve it!


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