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Challenges & Zingers

Hi all,

In my first blog I spoke about Awareness and becoming more awake in our day to day lives. Today, I am writing this blog while stuck up in Buffalo NY due to the blizzard and three cancelled flights causing an unplanned extra overnight stay in the hotel. The one time I did not overpack!

Do you notice that when you are stressed and you feel like your plate is already full, along comes zinger to create even more stress? It often happens when our planned schedules are already thrown off. A travel day, road rage after a long day at work, inclement weather especially around a big event. For parents it’s even more escalated because we are dealing with children in the mix.

Our bodies have a reactive way of dealing with stressors. We get a sore stomach, achy neck, and tense shoulders. We start shallow breathing, our thinking gets clouded, and everything feels fuzzy. At this point the pressure needs to be released and we often take our frustrations out on loved ones or whoever is in the vicinity.

It's almost impossible to stop reacting in the moment so it’s great to be prepared and to know that these challenges WILL happen. To maintain conscious control, think ahead about how to deal with stressors so that when they arise, you will lead the stressor and not have the stressor lead you. The next time you recognize the stressor, say “AH-HAH! HELLOO stressor, I am ready for you!” This will immediately put you in the driver seat.

There are stressors in our control which are exhausting but tend to be more manageable. The zingers come from left field or are caused by someone else and are therefore out of our control. They are “energy depleters” if you spend time being aggravated and perseverating about the unfairness of it all. So here are some tips…

1) Know that challenges and zingers WILL come up.

2) With things out of our control, accept what’s happening and don’t analyze much beyond that. Just work immediately on formulating if a plan B is possible.

3) Be aware when it’s happening and separate yourself from the issue. You are you, the issue is the issue.

4) Breathe very deeply (this calms nerves) and be introspective for self-regulation.

a. If you are a beach person like me, picture yourself in the salty sea and feel your body relax.

b. If you have children, belt out the song “Let it Go” from Frozen. (I am sure you have it memorized by now with the amount of times they listen to it.)

Approach each challenge as practice for the next time. If you become derailed and lose your sh*&t, there will always be another opportunity for a Do Over.

If you find you are consumed with stressors in your life and want personal coaching I am here to help guide you.


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