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I love this time of year when flowers are blooming. For most of my life I paid little attention to the details of flowers, but their vibrant colors have always made me feel happy. Even when I see flowers outside a store or restaurant, my attention is pulled in that direction. What I realized about gardening and growing flowers is that it’s not much different than cultivating a healthy self and family.

Flowers will not grow in compacted depleted soil. There is a lot of preparation and work that needs to be done to ensure the growth of a healthy flower. We first need to get our hands dirty by digging up the dirt, adding nutrients and creating space for air. It is especially rewarding when we plant flower bulbs or seeds and see them sprout weeks or months later. This can be associated with our own mindset where the soil and flowers are both inside of us. We won’t bloom if we don’t first dig up our dirt, nourish ourselves, and plant seeds that will one day bloom into flowers. **The caveat is not to be attached to the flowers, but to enjoy the process of setting the healthiest ground in which to plant them. Should a garden of flowers sprout, that’s a bonus! If they do not, you can always take a Do Over.

For parents:

When children are young, the days can feel endless. It’s all “giving and doing”. As they get older the days go faster as we share in their interests. My friends would ask me how I managed 4 children? I explained that once I set my expectation knowing I was not going to get much “me time”, I was not disappointed. I knew there would be time for me in the future and I was nourishing the soil waiting for the flowers to bloom. In full disclosure, I took quite a few do overs along the way.

One of my most favorite activities with my younger children was to plant flowers with them. If you are raising children in an apartment with no terrace, you can get a large pot that can be placed by a window. Luckily, we can buy healthy soil and it’s good to explain that while there is lots of soil, we need to make sure it’s healthy enough to grow flowers, just like they take vitamins.

If you are in an apartment, before you rush off to buy soil and pots, it’s important to know yourself. Are you prepared to manage a little mess? Conscious parenting is about knowing who you are and taking a pause when things go awry. A 2-year-old will likely throw the sand, so be ready to stay calm with gentle guidance how the soil is needed for the flowers to grow. Set the expectation before you begin, keep the vacuum close by. For moms who know the soil inside will cause too many triggers, there are other ways to grow plants that are less messy. Look into hydroponic gardens that do not include soil. Whether in the garden, or in a pot by the window, it will be fun for everyone checking on the progress of the flowers.

If you find that digging up your soil feels daunting and you need help to nourish yourself in the best way possible, I am here to help you with a Do Over.

Parent Do Overs spent months planting seeds and in the next few months you will see the flowers sprouting with me on North Shore TV and U-tube. I will also be publishing a book with my weekly blogs which will include reflective questions to help readers dig deeper.


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