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In the western world we are taught that aging is a negative aspect of life. This is especially true for females where society has us indoctrinated that beauty is based on being young and flawless. Marketers jumped onto this bandwagon and have branded products as miracle cures for keeping our skin smooth and wrinkle-free. And the worst part is that we all fall for this craziness by supporting the cosmetic and fashion industry. (Me included!). Sadly, in many of the workshops I attend, I see beautiful girls who are turning 25 and 30 already anxious about aging and feeling that they are passing their prime.

Biologically we are aging from the moment we are born. As the years pass, we realize that every birthday is a privilege. In eastern cultures, the elders are revered for their wisdom and become the chiefs of their villages to impart their wisdom. The influx of technology further imposes the stress of aging as we feel obsolete trying to keep up with tech changes that are now the norm in the workplace and our way to connect as a society.

Social media filters provide a platform for us to stay young digitally. So how do we stay young when we are biologically aging every second?

Here is the secret…

Grow younger mentally through continuous learning and exploring!

When you do this, the youth serum will fill your mind and flow through your body. If trying something new causes fear and anxiety, think of fumbles, mistakes, and failures as a mental growth spurt. If you have stagnated over the past few years, then it’s time to take a drink from that fountain of youth and start learning. In the same way we exercise our bodies, we need to exercise our minds. There is a difference when we grow through learning versus mentally occupying our minds playing an online game or watching TV. When I learn something new or have an “ah-hah” moment in a group workshop, I can feel the energy pulsing through my body and my brain lights up. When I beat the computer at Rummikub, it’s fun but not as exhilarating.

The fountain of youth is overflowing because it’s more common to complain about our circumstance than to take a drink from the youth pool. Continuous learning keeps us feeling vibrant, young, and interesting to ourselves! I have travelled many different paths since college. I am still exploring and growing, and I would not turn back the clock for anything! As I continue to explore and expand in the mental wellness space, I have encountered so many like-minded people and I feel younger than ever!

For parents: Children love to explore and daydream, but unfortunately, we keep them locked into their school and activity schedules that we don’t allow this aspect of their lives to develop. Every week in my blog, I reiterate that being a role model for our children is the key to them building their own good habits in the future. I come from a line of role models who believe in continuous learning. In their 80s, my father has been writing a musical which is destined for Broadway and my father-in-law is “king” of continuous learning through adult education and maintains his medical knowledge by reading all the journals. My aunt reinvented herself at 52 by obtaining her psychology degree.

These role models made it feel natural for me to pursue a master’s in public administration at age 47, a post graduate certification in data analytics at age 55. I then became a certified parenting coach during the pandemic because I felt it was pointless to sit at home and complain about being bored on the weekends.

The role modeling is paying off. My oldest child told me in her late 20s that she was going for her master’s degree in finance because she observed I had done two post college degrees and she wanted to change the trajectory of her life. That made every minute of my studying worth it! Growth does not have to be academic; it can be trying a new activity.

If you find this overly simplified and life feels heavy and difficult. I am here to give you a safe space and a listening ear. As with the privilege of aging, getting help to feel mentally stronger is also a wonderful privilege. The good news is that there is no expiration to taking a Do Over. I have a full toolbox which can be tailored to your personal needs if you would like guidance.


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