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There are two paths that spark emotional growth changes. These are known as Satori and Kensho.

· Satori is growth over time usually brought about by an “ah-hah” moment which causes an awakening to follow a path causing emotional growth over time.

· Kensho is growth by pain which happens suddenly forcing an awakening and mindset change.

Last week I spoke about the metaphor of a cruise ship which makes a slow smooth turn in the ocean. This is an example of a mindset change by Satori. It’s usually slow, gentle and can be pleasurable as we work on ourselves to grow emotionally.

This week I am focusing on Kensho. This makes me think of us as a lighthouse standing strong in the ocean. When the ocean is calm the lighthouse sweeps a bright light side to side keeping watch over ships silently passing by in the dark. I think of us going through life day after day in the same way when things are calm. Suddenly a wave slams into the lighthouse and for the first time we are forced to open our eyes and see the stormy sea around us. This might be a sudden loss of a loved one, a sudden health issue, or the loss of a job. There are many more things that suddenly cause pain, force us to make a drastic change and cause us to refocus which often result in emotional growth. Several years ago, I met a woman who had lost a child to cancer at age 15. She worked hard to get her life back on track to “normalcy” and after a year, she decided to go back to her weekly tennis lesson with her friends. It was then that she realized she had changed so much that she could not fathom spending time on a court hitting a ball back and forth. She walked off the court mid-lesson and immediately started a non-profit to raise funds for childhood cancer research. This effort is still in existence today.

For Parents: We are all lighthouses for our families. Conscious parents shine their light but focus inward at the same time. When a child pushes back, there is often more behind the pushback. Take a moment to consider what is going on before shouting back. Children have a lot to conquer as they grow into adulthood. As a parent, the better we feel about ourselves and our own choices, the better we can manage almost all pushbacks. For me, when my clothes feel loose, nothing bothers me too much. I am less tolerant when I am tired or when I have not been eating well.

Not all discrepancies lead to emotional growth. Most times we ride through uncomfortable moments and settle back into our daily lives and the cycle continues. There is no right or wrong way if you are not suffering. Most of us suffer and the Do Overs method can help identify your unique areas to conquer where you will be able to stand strong like a lighthouse in a storm. Together we will reveal many “ah hah” moments, and I can guarantee you will be on a path to growth by Satori in just a few short weeks.

~ Andi

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