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“Wow, my head is spinning I have so much going on!” How many times have you said this? This is exactly how I am feeling while drafting my blog to post over the weekend. It’s all good things but I am overwhelmed. I just returned from a trip with my high school friends, and I have barely unpacked. This weekend I flew to Atlanta to attend a conference with Dr. Shefali. As a gift to myself I am seizing moments that I would usually push off due to work, lack of time, or expense. I did not realize that my two trips were back-to-back weeks, but I am glad I am going! I will be meeting coaches from my cohort from all around the world.

Last week, I took a pause from my blog because I knew I needed the time to take care of myself to fully enjoy my trip. This is the first time I have put myself before a commitment. If you recall, I wrote two blogs from abroad. One in South Africa and another from Greece. This past weekend I felt liberated because I had taken responsibility for myself while pushing perfectionism aside. I recognized that this was a big step for me, and I was proud of my growth.

I realized that pausing is an important factor in succeeding. The time to reflect, allows us to see things more clearly. We get so caught up in our daily lives typically focusing on negative aspects of ourselves and our situations. Pausing allows us to take a breath and reorganize our thoughts. The more I read, the more meditation is touted as the key to finding peace and calm. I am just beginning to understand the value of meditation and that there are all sorts of ways to meditate. I am at the beginner level where I prefer to meditate/breathe with mantras. I have not yet mastered silent meditation. I am laughing thinking of my early report cards in elementary/primary school where it said excellent for effort but unsatisfactory for talking too much in class. Being quiet and listening is something I am working on.

What works as a pause for one person will be different for another. Some people like to go for a run as their pause, others like a glass of wine. For me my favorite pauses include, yoga, a hot cup of tea and a hot bath. I used to feel insecure about these favorites, but this is who I am. A margarita and several bowls of tortilla chips on occasion is very fun but it’s not my go-to that will clear my head.

For parents: When we have young children and newborns it’s hard to take that pause based on their sleep schedules. It’s important to be aware that when our sleep gets disrupted, we lose our patience with our partners and with older children in the house. Children also need time to pause but we over-schedule them with rigorous classes and activities. Remember our children are always watching us. If you start at a young age to pause with your child. It will become a natural tool as their life gets more complex.

Taking a pause often reveals the need for a Do Over. If you find your head is spinning, or you feel cloudy like you are walking in a fog, then your body is telling you to slow down for that Do Over. If you find this difficult and need guidance, I can help you create your own personal set of tools to pause with ease. My toolbox has a bath and tea. I look forward to building yours with you.

~ Andi

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Ronnie Furman
Ronnie Furman
23 oct 2022

Your blog is both invigorating and refreshing and I always take away something new. Thanks Ands

Me gusta
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