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My very first blog was about Awareness, pointing out how we go about life with our bodies in the present, but our minds are typically elsewhere. There are very few man-made things that stop us in our tracks, but nature has a way of halting the present moment in body and mind. This happens when we are lucky enough to notice a rainbow. We marvel at the colors and the perfect symmetry. We are typically inspired to take a picture and point it out to others. Unfortunately, as with all 1-dimension pictures of nature, the photos rarely do it justice because being immersed and mentally present in the full surrounding is what really brings nature’s beauty to life. Seasoned photographers do have that talent to capture more than us amateurs.

I am also fascinated by rainbows because I am drawn to the mix of colors. As far back as I can remember, I always loved the huge Crayola box of crayons or colored pencils. It’s interesting that when I first was immersed into yoga practice, we spoke about the 7 Chakras, they are about our energy flow and tied to certain points in our bodies. These Chakras are also each tied to a color, which happens to be the 7 colors of the rainbow. Before COVID, when I was doing yoga in a studio, I would carefully select my yoga blanket (each one being a different color) based on my mood or intention for that class. I would typically select the turquoise one as I am so drawn to the calming ocean colors, the orange to perk me up, or the red if I was triggered. Each one of these colors might depict something different for you. When I meet someone new, they exude a color to me that is either welcoming or keeps me at a distance. It takes me about 5 seconds to get this sense of color. I know this has a lot to do with body language and other factors, but my mind puts it into a color.

Rainbows are magical, we talk about the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow but if we follow a rainbow to the end, it continues to elude us. There is that saying “chasing rainbows” meaning chasing a fantasy that is unattainable. I am stubborn, so I don’t really love this saying. In the past few years, I have strengthened my mind, I am more confident to strive for goals that once seemed unattainable and I go for them with much more confidence, focusing on the process versus the outcome. I do however face the fact that things completely out of my control do not deserve my energy, and I leave those rainbows up in the sky.

For parents: “Rainbows” are everywhere if you pause to see them. I remember when my oldest daughter first saw ants on the sidewalk, and she was fascinated. We crouched down and just watched them for about 30 minutes. 27+ years later I still remember just watching the ants through her lens. A conscious parent will continue to see the world through each child’s lens and provide support without becoming enmeshed in their world. This is something I changed when I became certified and started the Do Overs method. I stopped trying to have my children see the world through my lens. Be inspired by your children, you don’t always have to be the ones to inspire them.

I hope today’s blog causes you to pause more often to see rainbows all around you. If you feel helpless and are having trouble seeing the color through the clouds, I can help guide you.


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