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As I reflect on the past two weeks, I am even more motivated to share the importance of Do Overs! The shooting at the elementary school in Uvalde Texas left us broken hearted. The sad senseless ending of 18 young lives keeps me speechless and devastated. I can barely bring myself to imagine those parents anxiously standing outside the school watching children running out of the building while looking for their child in the crowd. I am getting teary just thinking about them and I know that I am not alone in this emotion.

Earlier in the day, those families could not have fathomed that their children were not coming home that day or ever again. This made me realize that Do Overs can only work while people are physically around. I don’t want to fill the page with too many words as I want you to use these few minutes to pause and think about any regrets you might have if a loved one/friend is suddenly lost forever. If something comes to mind, take a Do Over even if it’s just communicating to that person that you would have regret if anything happened to them.

For parents: It’s normal to rush through the day hurrying our children out the door to school, activities, shower, homework, and lights off. Repeat Monday – Friday. Take time to give a hug, let them know you are always proud of them even when it’s a hectic day. It’s also OK to be late to school occasionally if a little extra morning time is needed.

This is a heavy topic. I would like to provide you with a tool to bring calmness. Below is a breathing exercise that is proven to calm our nervous system. I start by being aware of my current emotion. Right now, I am feeling jittery and a little anxious/sad.

Box Breath – close eyes

Inhale for 4 counts – imagine climbing up a ladder to a beautiful ledge.

Hold in for 4 counts – imagine taking 4 side steps at the top of the ledge to your right

Exhale 4 counts – imagine climbing down another ladder off the ledge

Hold breath out for 4 counts – imagine taking 4 side steps to the left back to the original ladder

Repeat 3 more times. Reassess current mood. If it’s needed, listen to a mellow song list, and continue breathing deeply to the music until you feel stronger.

If you need help managing stress or to work on strategies to reduce future regrets, I am here to guide you.

There is nothing worse than a regret that could be permanent. (From the movie "We are the Millers")


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