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I ended my blog last week with the teaser about an impromptu experience with my father. I had the privilege of working with him to bring his life passion, a musical, to the stage. I jumped in to help as a production assistant. I was expecting to just be the “errand girl”, which I was, but there were so many joyful life lessons in this experience. I never knew my grandfather who suddenly passed away when I was two. The story in the musical allowed me to learn about his love for the arts.

I enjoyed spending time with the extraordinary cast and creative team. Each scene came to life with choreography and costumes carefully selected for each character. The lighting and digital backdrops helped to tie everything together. After the two weeks watching each scene taking shape, I realized that in life we are all living on our own stage with our multiple characters and costumes.

The way each of us perceives the world is different from the perception of our closest friend or even a sibling. There have been times when I was not the leading lady in my own play because I felt like a character in someone else’s play. This happens when we allow someone else to claim control over our own happiness.

When we go on an job interview it is the same as going on an audition. “Tell me about yourself” is a common question asked. We often answer this question by listing all the roles we have played over the past years to show how we are equipped for the current role. Even in a networking event or on a date, the discussion falls to the roles we have played. My answer to this question is, “I am perfectly imperfect Andi”.

For Parents:

Parenting is hard. Many of us put on the costume of always being the happy parent. We are taught that we should be endlessly happy. However, the more parents I encounter, express to me that early parenting is a difficult time, and they felt isolated and lonely. Sadly, some parents prefer to keep their children as actors on their stage rather than allowing them to flourish on their own stage.

In his musical, my father wrote the narrative, as well as all the music and lyrics to over 20 songs. The lyrics to the final song “All the world’s a stage” really stuck with me and inspired this week’s blog. The following are the lyrics that I found the most meaningful.

All the world’s a stage And all the people in it are the actors.

They enter and they exit. And quote the lines that they’ve been taught to say. And each man in his lifetime can play so many parts….

I leave you with advice that’s sound and true. In life be author and the actor too. Then you’ll control what goes on every page – The words are yours, and all the world’s your stage.

We did our best, and all the world’s our stage. Our stage; our stage!

If you feel you are not the leading star, I can help you take a Do Over to make it happen. I look forward to connecting with you to rewrite your play.

~ Andi

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1 Comment

sherry stein
sherry stein
May 09, 2023

Absolutely love your blogs. They help center me. So glad you're back!

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