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Yellow Brick Road

We are all on the same yellow brick road! Sometimes we meet many people along the way, but millions pass by without ever connecting. There are times the people we meet on our yellow brick road, journey alongside us for years or even for the rest of our lives. I have met the most incredible people on my yellow brick road. Many were there long before me, and I am joining them on their journey which is now our journey. Over the years I have walked with people for a while, our pace changes and we are separated for a period, but then we find each other again on the road. I love and value each of these moments.

When we meet people on our journey that don’t make us feel good, sometimes we still walk with them for years. When we think of it in this way, it sounds so silly. Why not just leave them on the side of the road? Why do we walk with a negative experience for years feeling stuck in the situation? Most of us shy away from change so we stay with the negative knowing. It takes strength and a Do Over to shift away from our comfort zone.

If you are reading my blogs regularly, you are ready to put distance between you and negative relationships by speeding up or slowing down to create distance. While you stay at the same pace, you are choosing to keep up with the negative relationship. When it comes to family, it’s harder to get perspective so creating even a small distance is the best way to get clarity.

I find it fascinating that I can walk past hundreds of people every day on the street, and I sometimes look at their faces thinking “who are you and how weird that in this whole world we are passing each other right now!” I also love that my journey has taken me across the world. I have met up with incredible people on the yellow brick road. Thanks to technology, some of these people I have never met in person, but we are walking alongside each other whether a town over or across the world.

For parents: Our children don’t have a choice when joining us on our yellow brick road. We try to keep them right next to us from birth into adulthood which usually creates frustration for both parent and child. The conscious parent understands that their child has their own pace and it’s our job to support and protect them through their own choices. If you are paying attention, children let parents know exactly how they need to be parented. Each child is different and for some less is more. We need to parent our children for what they need, not what we need.

There is only one person who will walk the entire way with you. Yes, it’s yourself! It’s therefore imperative to dig deep and bring your best self on your journey.

Since I have several young readers of this blog, if the title Yellow Brick Road does not resonate, do not read further until you watch the original movie, “The Wizard of Oz”


The movie has very deep meaning that I never paid too much attention until this week. As a child the witch terrified me. I view things much differently these days. Dorothy’s journey on her yellow brick road is life… with ups, downs, fears, and challenges. She travelled with characters seeking fulfillment from the wizard which ultimately was all an illusion, they had tools to heal themselves and the entire experience was all a dream! How does this story parallel to your own life? How many illusions have you built up? More often, we can heal from within instead of waiting and suffering. I continue to take Do Overs to reflect and release my own projections and perceptions. The result is self-acceptance, gratitude, and less suffering.

If this resonates with you to take a Do Over. I am here to walk alongside you on the yellow brick road until you are ready to walk alone in bliss.

***NOTE: NEXT WEEK 10/16/2022 – No blog***

Besides it being a special day in our family, I am travelling this whole week with six women who I met on my yellow brick road. Through my growth, I know that I need to take care of myself by not spreading myself too thin. I will therefore not be posting a blog next week.

See you on the 23rd!


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