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Before I begin, I must share that when searching for the perfect picture to match this week’s blog, the picture above emerged. It happens to be a beach in Cape Town, South Africa with Table Mountain in the background…This is where I was born and lived for 15 years. Weird? Karma? Whatever it is, it was meant to be!

So, with that vibe, here we go….

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt connected to them? The conversation is energized and there is a vibration between the two of you where you keep saying “I feel the EXACT same way!”.

Alternatively, I have been in many situations where I can’t settle in. I either feel out of place, or I am in a hyper state and while I’m having fun, I can’t fully relax and enjoy the present moment. For the last 6 months, I have been celebrating milestone birthdays with family & friends. This is causing me to pause and reflect on my connection to my family and my friendships. Some friendships were formed in pre-school and others developed along my life journey. Over time my friend groups have morphed in and out like a kaleidoscope of color. Every connection brings wisdom.

Let’s face it, none of us are always a pleasure to be with! The friends who love us despite our quirks, or better yet, love us because of our quirks, are the ones we call our “tribe”! With these friends we can be our authentic selves. Hanging in PJs with no makeup is the best! Absence and distance are not barriers. It’s important to note that your tribe can consist of one member.

Last week, I wrote about our emotional swing and how to reset the way we view and manage stressful situations.

This week I want to share two great pieces of friendship advice I learned from wise members of my tribe.

1) “Be the best version of yourself and your authentic friends will emerge.”

For parents it’s the same with your children. Give them room to blossom into the best versions of themselves! Love them unconditionally, don’t force friendships, and allow them to find their own tribe.

2) People you interact with will either be “Fortifiers” or “Depleters”.

We all have unique personalities, so a fortifier to one person might be a depleter to someone else. There is no set rule except that it’s imperative we spend more time with fortifiers than depleters. I find when I’ve put myself in situations that fill me up from my core, the people I meet are more likely to become members of my tribe long term. When I am with a member of my tribe, my energy level is charged yet I feel relaxed and peaceful. The alternative is feeling like a leading actor on a fabricated world stage.

When I feel out of sync I go inward and reflect on my own vibration to see what I am putting out into the world. Remember, we attract people based on our own vibe, so take a close look in the mirror if things are not matching up.

A shout out to a newly found tribe member who instantly understood what I was saying in a very short conversation and threw out the wisdom which became this week’s blog title. She responded and said, “Yeah, I get it, Your Vibe Creates Your Tribe”.

If you look around and do not feel deeply connected to the people around you, it might be time for a Do Over. I can help guide you with a complimentary first session.


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sherry stein
sherry stein
Mar 07, 2022

How wonderful

Each week to read wise loving truths


Susan Elliott
Susan Elliott
Mar 06, 2022

I love this! Your observations are so clear and so true. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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